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DMF-002-Own the Mat Young Man!

This episode of AikiCast-Diamond Mining Friday is about Toyoda Sensei's vital lesson to me about how to eliminate my fears about teaching Friday night Aikido classes at Tenshinkan Dojo. He gave me some sage advice which was a 2 part formula: 1. Develop my point of view on what and how I wanted to lead class and 2. "Own the mat!". I focused on the latter when he wanted me to focus on the former, develop my own teachable point of view.

The term teachbale point of view came from author Noel Tichy from his book Cycle of Leadership. I applied the term to what Toyoda Sensei's was saying about developing my own point of view because thats exactly what he was saying. He was explaining how to become more 'followable' by having a teachable point of view and said that those who are very followable will 'own the mat'.


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AC-Q&A Session 2- AikiCast Nation Questions Answered

Blaine pulls some of the top questions from AikiCast Nation members and answers them in the episode. Some of the questions are: What role do the techniques we practice in the dojo play in a self defense situation? How can I debate with somebody who says that their martial art is better or more effective than mine? and How can I make my Aikido work on a bigger and stronger opponent.

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AC-014-Acres of Diamonds from Fumio Toyoda Sensei

AikiCast brings you a new segment called Diamond Mining Friday which is a shorter podcast with some nuggets of wisdom that Blaine shares from his time with Toyoda Shihan. The Diamond Mining Friday segment will air every friday as Blaine mines his journals, as well as his 20 plus years of teaching experience for the diamonds that he was given by Toyoda Sensei. Some of the diamonds are direct wisdom Toyoda Sensei shared with Blaine, the regular students, the uchi deshi, or other instructors, while others are ones that needed time and experience before he was able to see the wisdom in the lesson. Grab a pen and a pad because Blaine plays a clip from the famous Earl Nightingale called "acres of diamonds" which is a great story with some timeless wisdom, as well as 12 tips for lifetime success in all things. Follow these 12 tips and your life will ultimately change for the better.


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AC-013- Using Intuition for Self Defense and Super Success!

In this episode, Blaine expands the discussion about self defense classes and whats not being taught in them. Topics covered are using intuition and expanded situational awareness to identify and avoid potential dangerous situations, understanding Pre-Incident Indicators of violence to help thwart attacks, and also how to use the PINs, or Pre-Incident Indicators of success to experience greater abundance in your life. Aikido in daily life goes into beast mode in this episode!

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AC-012- AikiCast Question and Answer Session

Blaine answers the top 5 questions from AikiCast Nation Members and listeners. He also reveals some exciting news at the end of the podcast so listen all the way through!

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AC-011-Self Defense Concepts-Part 1-Awareness as a weapon

In this episode, Blaine Feyen talks introduces us to his ideas about self defense training and how most martial artists go about it all wrong. He talks about the concept of awareness as a weapon, recovering from stupidity, and touches on some of the legal ramifications of self defense.


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In this podcast episode, Blaine Feyen talks about the art of ukemi, as well as what it means to be a good uke. He explores some deeper concepts of ukemi and takes it beyond simply attacker and defender and also beyond simply the skill of falling. Blaine explains how ukemi is used to achieve success in daily living and how beneficial good ukemi is to real self defense. 

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Blaine discusses some of the benefits of training in Aikido. There are many more benefits than are mentioned in this podcast but Blaine outlines 5 very important reasons one might decide to start training in Aikido. The benefits include flexibility, increased cardio vascular health, Self defense skills, physical and mental resilience and awareness. Listen in to some of the personal anecdotes Blaine brings to the podcast and, as usual, taking notes is highly recommended! 

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