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In this episode of AikiCast Diamond Mining Friday, Blaine discusses the differences between a mere martial arts teacher and a true Sensei. Since the term Sensei connotes one who has 'gone before' the student, there is an understanding in eastern traditions that the Sensei was more than just a teacher. The Sensei student relationship was on par with the parent child relationship and highly respected in eastern cultures. 

Blaine breaks down the 3 most common types of teachers found in most martial arts schools today.

1. The Guru or Master- This individual demands a certain level of respect at all times, doesnt interact with his or her students outside of the martial arts school, is not tolerant of questions, is disdainful of students seeking instruction outside of the instructors guidance, and quickly reprimands those who disobey or mess up.

2. The Respected Mentor- This individual commands respect based on the quality of their character and instruction. They interact with the students on and off the mat in a similar manner. They require a modicum of respect and teach ettiquette and martial rituals as tools for growth. The Respected Mentor is sought out by others in the community for their sound advice and rational approach. Students often look to this type of teacher for advice on topics not related to the martial arts training. 

3. The Trainer or Coach- This individual places high emphasis on the physical training and cardio vascular benefits of martial arts. He or she is laid back and friendly and imposes very few, if any, rules or ettiquette on the students. Dues are somewhat optional and classes feel more like a group of friends getting together to sweat.

While each type of teacher has pros and cons, each student must choose what type of martial arts teacher he or she would like to learn from. In addition, each student must decide at some point what type of teacher she wants to become.

Give it a listen and see where you fall on the spectrum.


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DMF- Stand Up to the Pain!

In this episode of AikiCast-Diamond Mining Friday, Blaine discusses a conversation he had with Toyoda Sensei about having a lot of pain in his back, knees, and hips from seated meditation (Zazen) training at Tenshinkan Dojo. Blaine discussed the issue with Toyoda Sensei expecting him to excuse Blaine from the practice but the diamond of wisdom that was shared would forever change the way that he looked at pain, fear, and discouragement. The phrase 'this too shall pass' doesnt even come close to expressing the ideas that were given by Toyoda Sensei regarding how to deal with pain, as well as fear and the variety of other emotions that we all experience as human beings.

Pull up a chair, open a cold one, put your feet up and get ready for a solid half hour of Zen and Martial Arts wisdom on this Diamond Mining Friday.

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In this episode of AikiCast Diamond Mining Friday, Blaine explains how he learned the real meaning of the word 'Kime' as it was used by Toyoda Sensei during Aikido classes at the dojo. He also talks about the power of asking questions and the reason to re-examine one's beliefs periodically and ask the vital questions that may lead to breakthroughs and eliminating limiting beliefs.

Blaine also introduces the concept of 'burning one's boat' after making a decision. This is a concept that comes from the Grecian army commanders ordering their soldiers to burn their boats once they landed on an enemie's shores. This makes it impossible to retreat and creates an intensity amongst the soldiers to succeed or die since there is no way out.

Lots of great stuff in this episode! please subscribe and rate the podacst on ITunes

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In this episode of AikiCast-Diamond Mining Friday, Blaine talks about the lessons he learned while being the traditional martial arts role of Otomo. The otomo is typically the person who accompanies the Aikido, Karate, Kendo, or any other sensei on travels and carries the sensei's bags, opens doors, and more or less, handles all of the mundane details for the teacher. This role is often confused with that of an uchi deshi since the otomo is quite often the uchi deshi but they are two separate roles. One does not have to be an uchi deshi to be the otomo for the sensei. 

The Otomo is an important role for both the sensei and the student because the role of otomo is one that requires a vast expansion of one's awareness and foresight in order to be successful. The otomo is expected to take care of the sensei's things while travelling or even just moving about town, but also to be a protector, a door opener, a loose change picker upper, a coffee getter, and also a social assassin! 

You'll have to tune in to found out exactly what a 'social assassin' does...enjoy!

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Another AikiCast Nation member question and answer session where Blaine picks a few of the weeks listener questions and gives some thought provoking answers. Listen in as Blaine answers questions like:

#1 James asks if he should quit karate after a couple decades of training and try Aikido, or some other martial art, or should he stick around like some of the old timers he sees still training in their 50's, 60's and 70's. Will he be abandoning his teacher by trying something else or would it be a mistake to keep doing somthing he's bored with?


#2 Sarah asks for a list of techniques that wouldn't work in a 'real' fight. 


#3 Jody asks about what kinds of diets I recommend. Listen in and hear what my thoughts are on all these topics in this weeks AikiCast Q&A session.

This weeks session is sponsored by The Aikdo Center in Grand Rapids, MI. Offering classes in Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Shinkendo.


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DMF-002-Own the Mat Young Man!

This episode of AikiCast-Diamond Mining Friday is about Toyoda Sensei's vital lesson to me about how to eliminate my fears about teaching Friday night Aikido classes at Tenshinkan Dojo. He gave me some sage advice which was a 2 part formula: 1. Develop my point of view on what and how I wanted to lead class and 2. "Own the mat!". I focused on the latter when he wanted me to focus on the former, develop my own teachable point of view.

The term teachbale point of view came from author Noel Tichy from his book Cycle of Leadership. I applied the term to what Toyoda Sensei's was saying about developing my own point of view because thats exactly what he was saying. He was explaining how to become more 'followable' by having a teachable point of view and said that those who are very followable will 'own the mat'.


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AC-Q&A Session 2- AikiCast Nation Questions Answered

Blaine pulls some of the top questions from AikiCast Nation members and answers them in the episode. Some of the questions are: What role do the techniques we practice in the dojo play in a self defense situation? How can I debate with somebody who says that their martial art is better or more effective than mine? and How can I make my Aikido work on a bigger and stronger opponent.

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AC-013- Using Intuition for Self Defense and Super Success!

In this episode, Blaine expands the discussion about self defense classes and whats not being taught in them. Topics covered are using intuition and expanded situational awareness to identify and avoid potential dangerous situations, understanding Pre-Incident Indicators of violence to help thwart attacks, and also how to use the PINs, or Pre-Incident Indicators of success to experience greater abundance in your life. Aikido in daily life goes into beast mode in this episode!

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AC-012- AikiCast Question and Answer Session

Blaine answers the top 5 questions from AikiCast Nation Members and listeners. He also reveals some exciting news at the end of the podcast so listen all the way through!

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