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Kicking off the AikiCast Diamond Mining Friday interview series with a special guest, Meido Moore Sensei. Meido Moore is the Chief Instructor and founder of the Shinjinkai Organization, as well as the founder and Abbott of the Korinji Zen Monastery in Wisconsin. Moore Sensei has been studying Zen and Martial Arts since the 1980's and has travelled all over the world teaching both Aikido and Zen as a full time instructor and Zen priest. 

The interview covers a whole bunch of topics ranging from Moore Sensei's time as an uchi deshi with Fumio Toyoda Shihan, his Zen training, his time and training with T.K. Chiba Shihan, his personal experiences and insights, his vision of the future of both Aikido and Zen training, and his thoughts on teaching and being a full time martial arts teacher.

The links for Moore Sensei's websites mentioned in the interview are: (Korinji Zen Monastery) (Shinjinkai Aikido Organization) (Rinzai Zen Organization)

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In this episode Blaine talks about an experience he had with Toyoda Sensei that wasnt so pleasant but how it ultimately lead to a better friendship with him. It happened while Blaine was working for him at the Japanese Culture Center in Chicago, IL. Toyoda Sensei misinterpreted a phone call that was meant for Blaine and ended up yelling at Blaine and making accusations that he was leaving Sensei to join the military. Although this wasnt true, it was the last straw for Blaine and he resigned his post at Tenshinkan Dojo. 

Blaine made his way back to his hometown where he began a small Aikido program at a health club that eventually grew into a large Aikido school. Throughout the year after Blaine left Chicago there was no contact with Toyoda Sensei since they were both angry with each other. However, after a particularly timely phone call from another Sensei to check in with Blaine, he received some advice that would ultimately lead him to go back to Chicago and patch up the relationship. What he learned through the process is a priceless life lesson which Blaine talks about in the show.

Aikido in daily life-Taking Emotional Ukemi is all about how to take responsibility for everything that happens in our lives whether we feel we're responsible for them or not. Listen in for some more wisdom on how to be a stronger, healthier and more fulfilled human being through these martial lessons! Enjoy!


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AC-Q&A Session 4

In this episode of the AikiCast question and answer session, Blaine tackles 2 big topics: starting your own martial arts business and what to do about the current state of police abuses in the U.S.

The first question from Paolo is about being a full time instructor and whether or not I recommend it. I give him my personal experiences from starting and running several businesses over the past 20 years and how to start a martial arts business, run it successfully and still maintain your passion for the art.

The second question from Chris is about the current situations we see almost every week where somebody is either abused or killed by the police and what my thoughts are. I give him my viewpoint as a trainer of law enforcement as well as an informed citizen and concealed carry proponent. 

This episode is filled to the brim so get ready for some action!

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In this session of Diamond Mining Friday, Blaine talks about some more Zen wisdom that was gleaned from his time as an uchi deshi studying Aikido and Zen. This diamond was mined from a realization Blaine had while sitting at Toyoda Sensei's funeral in 2001.

The phrase 'Light your hair on fire' comes from a Zen concept of meditating like one's hair was on fire which is a challenge to any student to be totally committed to the act at hand. Blaine relates this concept to his experiences and goes even deeper with it, explaining how it means more than just doing things with intensity.


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A Diamond Mining Friday podcast, the first of 2015, goes into detail about the an experience Blaine had while an uchi deshi at Tenshinkan Dojo in Chicago, IL. 

This episode touches on the japanese concept of 'ichi go ichi e', or one moment, one opprtunity. This is an oft repeated phrase around Zen and martial circles alike which basically means that 'now is the only time' that there really is so be here, in this very moment, and be here now. 

Blaine talks about a funny, yet eye opening, experience he had with Toyoda Sensei while chopping carrots for dinner. Toyoda Sensei unleashes some zen wisdom on him that has stuck with him to this very day and affects all of his Aikido classes. It is a concept which has implications for relationships, self defense, martial arts training, and life in general.

Listen in on some of the wisdom of a master shared with his students.

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AC-011-Self Defense Concepts-Part 1-Awareness as a weapon

In this episode, Blaine Feyen talks introduces us to his ideas about self defense training and how most martial artists go about it all wrong. He talks about the concept of awareness as a weapon, recovering from stupidity, and touches on some of the legal ramifications of self defense.


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In this podcast episode, Blaine Feyen talks about the art of ukemi, as well as what it means to be a good uke. He explores some deeper concepts of ukemi and takes it beyond simply attacker and defender and also beyond simply the skill of falling. Blaine explains how ukemi is used to achieve success in daily living and how beneficial good ukemi is to real self defense. 

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Blaine discusses some of the benefits of training in Aikido. There are many more benefits than are mentioned in this podcast but Blaine outlines 5 very important reasons one might decide to start training in Aikido. The benefits include flexibility, increased cardio vascular health, Self defense skills, physical and mental resilience and awareness. Listen in to some of the personal anecdotes Blaine brings to the podcast and, as usual, taking notes is highly recommended! 

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In this episode Blaine discusses the top 10 reasons why Aikido is not only a great martial art for children, its also one of the best martial arts for children. Grab a pad and pen and take some notes!

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In this episode, Blaine gives a brief biography of Fumio Toyoda and then expounds on his time as Toyoda Sensei's uchi-deshi (live-in student) and the top 5 lessons he Toyoda Sensei left his students. Make sure you take notes, this is some good s***!

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