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November 2014
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In this episode, Blaine Feyen talks introduces us to his ideas about self defense training and how most martial artists go about it all wrong. He talks about the concept of awareness as a weapon, recovering from stupidity, and touches on some of the legal ramifications of self defense.


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In this podcast episode, Blaine Feyen talks about the art of ukemi, as well as what it means to be a good uke. He explores some deeper concepts of ukemi and takes it beyond simply attacker and defender and also beyond simply the skill of falling. Blaine explains how ukemi is used to achieve success in daily living and how beneficial good ukemi is to real self defense. 

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Blaine discusses some of the benefits of training in Aikido. There are many more benefits than are mentioned in this podcast but Blaine outlines 5 very important reasons one might decide to start training in Aikido. The benefits include flexibility, increased cardio vascular health, Self defense skills, physical and mental resilience and awareness. Listen in to some of the personal anecdotes Blaine brings to the podcast and, as usual, taking notes is highly recommended! 

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In this episode Blaine discusses the top 10 reasons why Aikido is not only a great martial art for children, its also one of the best martial arts for children. Grab a pad and pen and take some notes!

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In this episode, Blaine gives a brief biography of Fumio Toyoda and then expounds on his time as Toyoda Sensei's uchi-deshi (live-in student) and the top 5 lessons he Toyoda Sensei left his students. Make sure you take notes, this is some good s***!

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In this episode Blaine talks about the martial art of the gun and how his Aikido understanding overlaps with his understanding and training with guns. He gives 3 challenges to martial artists and martial arts instructors at the end of the podcast so listen all the way to the end and TAKE NOTES!

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Summary: In this podcast Blaine talks about his opinion on whether or not students should sign a contract with a martial arts school. He also gives a ton of good advice about picking the right school for you and how to negotiate your agreement with the school you choose.

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Summary: In this podcast I discuss my opinions on whether schools should have students sign agreements or not. I also give my advice on 6 things owners should do to be more successful with new students. Listen and learn!

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Summary: Picking up where we left off on the last podcast and finishing up with the tips for choosing the martial arts  school that's right for you. Enjoy!

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Summary: Welcome back to AikiCast! We took a brief hiatus but are back with a vengeance. This is a quick welcome back and overview podcast. Enjoy!

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